Cuddly Creatures with BIG personality!

Hey! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Our philosophy is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!  Some may say our creatures are weird looking, others may say they are adorable- you decide!  Looks aren't everything, personality is also very important!  Out critters each have their own distinct personalities that shine through!  Perfection can be boring don't you think?    





Like any business yes our goal is to make money!  However, how we do that differs quite a bit!  First and foremost I see myself as an artist!  I create each critter, name him or her or it, then put them on this website!  I do this because I love crafting, but unfortunately cannot keep everything I make!  So my choices are either to give up crafting or sell some of my wares and let others get some enjoyment out of the finished product!  And most of the money I do make just gets recycles back into craft supplies so I can keep on doing what I love or to do something fun for my family! 

   In our house we believe in creativity!  My 3 year old actually helps me make these creatures and name them!  Some are solely her visions that I have helped bring to life, others are a cooperative crafting journey!  We also try not to support giving into commercialism!

At this time this website (and maybe others that I own) are the sole distributors of the Funky Critters!  If ever I decide to sell them elsewhere it would be in shops that support artists!  Not, in commercial chains!  All critters will always be handmade!  Like I said, I do this for fun!   





We are open!
However our site is far from done!  Many fun creatures are in the works! Also handbags and other fun stuff coming soon as well! Creatures featured on this page are ready to adopt!  Order as many as you would like!  I can recreate them as ordered!  Please allow time for me to create your creatures!  Under normal circumstances you should be able to get your creatures right away and I will always inform you of any delay!  If you would like a creature made in a different color or materials that can be done, just E-mail Us!  We welcome customization of your critter!

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Q:  Are these toys for babies and kids?

A:  Although these are toys, they are not made with small children (under 3) in mind!  The eyes or other parts may come off and pose as a choking hazard!  If you love our animals and would like me to design one that would be better suited please E-mail Us and we can talk about it!  

Q:  Why are they "weird" looking?  And are they sold commercially elsewhere?

A:  Some may call them weird, others adorable but we say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!  Read more here! 

Q:  Mine looks a little different than pictured?

A:  We will always try our best to recreate our critters the same but because each is handmade and not made by machine or sweatshop worker slight differences may occur!  But that's what makes it unique right?  If anything the critters will look better and better over time and I will have a hard time keeping them sloppy looking!

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